User-friendly microarray data analysis 

Convert microarray data into meaningful results quickly and easily

Microarray Data Analysis and Experimental Design

Easily analyze genotyping and methylation microarray data, design microarray experiments, and track samples with comprehensive, intuitive tools. Ensure optimal time-to-answer so you can spend more time doing research and less time designing probes, managing samples, and configuring complex microarray data analysis workflows.

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Key features to look for in microarray data analysis tools include:

  • Customizable data visualization that allows examination of data from a genome-wide view to single-base resolution
  • Solutions that help reduce array data size and facilitate analysis for large experiments as both microarray content and complexity continue to grow
  • An intuitive user interface that facilitates project creation
  • Versatile analysis of any genome, including both diploid and polyploid organisms 
  • Integrated quality control metrics that can be easily visualized with customizable charts 
DNA Microarray

DRAGEN Array uses cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate, comprehensive, and efficient microarray secondary data analysis with no specialized server or FPGA hardware requirements. DRAGEN Array is offered as a local, command-line package or a cloud-based package with intuitive graphical user interface.

GenomeStudio Software
GenomeStudio Software enables you to visualize and analyze microarray data generated on Illumina platforms. The software package is composed of discrete application modules that provide a comprehensive view of the genome and gene regulation. The graphical display of results generated from data analysis supports both high-level and in-depth views of genome-wide variation.

Beeline Software
Beeline Software helps reduce experimental microarray data size and facilitate data analysis for large experiments. As the size of array data sets increases, the time required to calculate sample statistics and visually interrogate clusters has become prohibitive. Beeline software addresses this bottleneck by enabling pre-filtering of large data sets prior to import into GenomeStudio.

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DesignStudio is an online software tool for designing custom Illumina genotyping array probes. Design content for Illumina genotyping microarray experiments. Create assays tailored directly to specific needs for applications such as targeted region genotyping and fine mapping.

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Clarity LIMS is a laboratory information management system that helps genomics labs track samples and manage workflows for an optimized and efficient lab. It scales and integrates with your laboratory’s ecosystem and automates routine tasks.

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Establishing and Scaling an Efficient Genotyping Facility

Prenetics saw a significant reduction in genotyping array data analysis time after using Beeline Software.

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Microarray Software Support
Microarray Software Support

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Optimizing Genotyping Microarray Data Analysis
Optimizing Genotyping Microarray Data Analysis

Find out how to analyze genotyping array data more efficiently.

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