Nurture our people and communities

Nurture our people and communities

An extraordinary mission requires extraordinary people

We value creating a workplace centered on innovation and care that supports the unique talents of the individual, brings forward the best of the collective, and delivers on the Illumina mission at a global scale.

By nurturing an inclusive and caring culture we magnify the value of collaboration and building a community. Together our impact is amplified and our potential is unlimited.

We are also committed to giving back, creating shared value through our business, and seeking opportunities to engage our people to be agents of change.

Our progress

icon women representation

women representation

icon illumina women in leadership

women in leadership1

icon female executive leadership at illumina

increase in female executive leadership2 over the last three years

illumina zero net gender pay gap

Zero net
pay gap maintained for five consecutive years3

illumina diversity and inclusion

employee participation in giving and volunteer programs

illumina diversity and inclusion

minority representation in the US workforce

  1. Leadership = Manager, equivalent, and above
  2. Executive Leadership = Director and above
  3. Zero net pay means no statistically significant difference in pay for the same or similar work, regardless of gender ethnicity, or race
CSR report cover

Although we do not use our Federal Employer Information Report EEO-1 to measure progress, we make our most recent filing publicly available.

For more information around the composition of our workforce, see our latest CSR report.

See our latest EEO-1 Report
group of diverse employees

Fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture

Inclusion is core to our purpose. It is essential to the work we do, the communities we serve, the partners we choose, and the teams we build. We relentlessly practice diversity and inclusion in all we do to advance equity and belonging.

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Illumina values

we are open
We are open
Innovation is in our DNA
We are relentless in the creation of great products
move fast
We move fast and embrace change
We collaborate deeply
Employee activities

Caring for our people

Building extraordinary teams and breakthrough innovations starts with caring for our employees and putting their welfare at the heart of all we do.

We strive to make every employee feel cared for through a range of benefits as innovative as our work. Including benefits like healthcare, access to genomics sequencing, and family planning; our goal is to enable all employees to take advantage of the benefits that are most meaningful to them and their loved ones.

We also prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, and the communities where we work. Our policies follow a risk-based strategy that guides the assessment, evaluation, reduction, and management of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) risks while enhancing the overall effectiveness of our global operations.

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Supporting our employees to grow in ways they never imagined

The exponential growth of Illumina means there is no shortage of opportunities for those who continue to seek a new challenge. We encourage employees to pursue their passions, learn beyond their primary discipline, and create their own path.


of employees say they are proud to work for Illumina (in company survey)


of new hires referred by Illumina employees


roles filled with internal candidates


feel their manager supports balancing work and personal life

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Illumina Interns

Inspiring future employees of Illumina

Nurturing and investing in future talent is critical to our business and growth strategy. This includes our continued work to supporting and engaging with underrepresented student groups.

We know that students and graduates are innovators, creators, and the future of Illumina. Every year we welcome an extraordinary group of interns, work experience students, and apprentices around the globe. Our programs provide endless opportunities for meaningful work, professional development, and community impact projects.

We are also committed to equitable access to STEM education, with the goal of empowering students and enabling educators to inspire the next generation of scientists, innovators, and trailblazers for the workforce of the future.

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investing in our people

Investing in our people

Development at Illumina is an intentional, everyday activity that prepares employees for success in their work now and for opportunities in the future. It is available to all, accessible in many formats, and contributes to a meaningful career experience at Illumina.

Development is the catalyst for how we achieve success and become more than we ever thought possible—as individuals, as teams, and as an organization. Regardless of work arrangement or location, opportunities exist for continuous learning and growth.

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guided at every step
Engage our people to be agents of change

We strive to create a purpose-driven culture with opportunities for employees to volunteer in their community with the organizations that matter most to them. Guided by our CSR strategy focus areas, we deploy our skills, time, and resources to create a positive impact in our communities.

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Genomics for good in action

UK STEM students get hands-on lessons in biodiversity and genomics
UK STEM students get hands-on lessons in biodiversity and genomics
Q&A: An Illumina intern’s shift from academia to industry
Q&A: An Illumina intern’s shift from academia to industry
Summiting Italy’s Stelvio Pass for cancer research
Summiting Italy’s Stelvio Pass for cancer research