Sequencing Experiment Setup

Set up and run sequencing experiments with ease

Facilitating sequencing with guided sample sheet creation and setup

Simple Experiment Setup

Setting up and running sequencing experiments are easy with software designed for Illumina sequencing systems. User-friendly tools help to import biological sample information, design and pool libraries, evaluate indexing schemes, prepare sequencing runs, create custom targeted sequencing panels, and generate sample sheets.

The specific software tool to use depends on which Illumina sequencer is used.

  • For the NextSeq and MiniSeq Sequencing Systems, Illumina offers the Prep Tab in BaseSpace Sequence Hub.
  • For the NovaSeq, HiSeq, and MiSeq Sequencing Systems, Illumina offers Illumina Experiment Manager.
  • For all Illumina instruments, BaseSpace Clarity LIMS allows you to generate sample sheets automatically.

Prep Tab in BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Sample and run management is easy using the Prep Tab in BaseSpace Sequence Hub, which interfaces with the sequencing instrument, and allows you to plan your entire sequencing workflow in an intuitive, graphical environment. This genomics computing solution provides an easy, cost-effective way to prepare runs, track samples, and store, analyze, and share genomic data.

Error-Free Preparation of Libraries and Sequencing Runs

Validate data at each step of the workflow for any standard Illumina kit or assay. This step provides confidence that your kit configuration, sample type, indexing scheme, and run parameters will lead to a successful run.

Rapid Import of Existing Sample Information

With a single click, import pre-existing sample sheets or sample details in bulk from previous sequencing experiments.

Single Environment for Complete Experiment Setup

Control the entire prepared sample workflow through a single, consolidated environment. Run details are automatically transferred to your instrument to initiate the run.

Instrument Compatibility

The Prep Tab in BaseSpace Sequence Hub is compatible with the MiniSeq and NextSeq Sequencing Systems. Access the Prep Tab

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Illumina Experiment Manager

Illumina Experiment Manager (IEM) is a wizard-driven application that allows researchers to design experiments prior to an Illumina sequencing run.

Design and Validate Illumina Sequencing Experiments

IEM guides you through the creation and setup of your sample sheet. The built-in validation checks help minimize errors.

Avoid Sub-Optimal Index Combinations

IEM can detect and warn of sub-optimal index combinations. Avoid risking samples by checking different index combinations and creating the sample sheet prior to sample or library preparation.

Instrument Compatibility

IEM is compatible with the HiSeq and MiSeq Sequencing Systems, as well as the NovaSeq 6000.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that integrates with Illumina instruments. The LIMS helps labs track and manage samples, automate workflows, and streamline operations.

Convenient Out-of-the-Box Integration

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is easily integrated with Illumina sequencers and other common lab instruments, including array scanners and thermal cyclers.

Easy Sample Sheet Generation

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS allows you to generate sample sheets automatically from lab instruments without requiring manual creation of a separate file.

Automated Sequencing Run Information

Parse key sequencing metrics from the instrument back into BaseSpace Clarity LIMS.

Instrument Compatibility

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is compatible with all Illumina sequencing instruments.

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