This is the genome era

Together, we can unlock the power of the genome to improve human health for all


We are Illumina

We are a global genomics and human health leader innovating the future of precision health.

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We develop DNA sequencing and array-based life sciences technologies to enable boundless research discovery and personalized health.

Our products help pioneer advances in oncology, genetic and infectious diseases, reproductive health, and beyond.

Our technology empowers continued innovation towards positive and impactful people- and planet-healing solutions.

health leader innovating precision health
We are Illumina 3

What we stand for

Our commitment to life-changing discovery and better health is driven by our passion for continual innovation and deep collaboration. Our actions are guided by these five principles:

Redefining possible

The genome has the potential to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. Our industry-leading technology enables researchers and clinicians to turn big dreams into impactful genomic discoveries that improve lives and change the course of diseases globally. Today that’s happening in oncology, genetic and infectious diseases, reproductive health and beyond.

Leading purposeful advances

Our passion for supporting customers and helping them achieve their goals guides what we do. Inspired by deep customer insights, we lead the way in delivering purposeful advances that address critical needs and support researchers and clinicians as they make life-changing breakthroughs and decisions.

Broadening impact with collaboration

Improving health at scale requires vision and collaboration with changemakers across the ecosystem. Together, we’re finding answers to life’s biggest questions and broadening the positive impact of genomics around the world.

Acting with integrity to benefit humanity

Doing the right thing is core to who we are and what we do. We have an unrelenting dedication to genomics for good, and hold ourselves to the highest standards in ethics, privacy, and security.

Accelerating access

Making genomics accessible is critical in realizing its potential to save and improve lives. That’s why we are committed to driving down the cost of sequencing, expanding access to advanced technology, and increasing the diversity of genomics data.

Our impact

We started in 1998 to make a difference. More than twenty-five years later, we continue innovating for the greater good.

Unlock the power of the genome

Find what you need to accelerate your research and maximize results. From purchasing the instrument and service plan, to managing your workflow with a LIMS system, to preparing libraries, sequencing, analyzing the data and interpreting results, we’ve got you covered.

Sequencing platforms

Unparalleled NGS quality and accuracy, from benchtop to production-scale.

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sequencing platforms

Genetic analysis on any scale drives imaging accuracy and exceptional results.

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Library prep kits

Optimized workflows for diverse DNA and RNA inquiries.

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Our comprehensive bioinformatics
suite unlocks deeper insights and
more relevant data.

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Illumina at a glance

We have over 9250 employees
Installed > 21,000 sequencers
Annual revenue $4.43B USD
(as of 2023)*
Founded in 1998
Serving 160 countries
Headquartered in San Diego, California
President and CEO Jacob Thaysen
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