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Rethink what’s possible with DRAGEN onboard

Accurate and efficient informatics workflows at scale with the NovaSeq X Series

Integrated secondary analysis onboard your sequencer

Accurate, comprehensive, and efficient secondary analysis is integrated into the NovaSeq X Series with DRAGEN onboard.

The NovaSeq X Series is the only ultra-high-throughput instrument with integrated variant calling onboard, simplifying your operations and accelerating your sequencing turnaround. Launch data analysis automatically, including FASTQ file generation, alignment, and variant calling.

Simplify your workflow

Faster, easier data analysis

The onboard DRAGEN secondary analysis delivers speed, flexibility, and a high degree of operational efficiency, accelerating your sequencing workflow turnaround time. Quickly and seamlessly analyze data with the four most popular DRAGEN pipelines enabled onboard as shown below.

Fewer touch points with streamlined workflows

4× reduction in the number of manual touch points compared to standalone analysis solutions.1

Easily plan runs and configure data

Configure secondary analysis locally or in the cloud via an easy-to-use graphical interface or through sample sheet import. View QC metrics, run reports, and analysis progress on screen.

DRAGEN onboard run timea

DRAGEN pipeline Number of samplesb Run timec
BCL Convert (with ORA compression) 24,576 ~1 hr 30 min
RNA (with differential expression) 1536 transcriptomes (mRNA) ~1 hr 30 min
Enrichment (Germline) 512 exomes ~4 hr 30 min to 5 hr 30 min
Enrichment (Somatic) 31 1,056× 44 min to 53 min
Germline 48 30× whole genomes ~3 hr 30 min to ~7 hr 30 mind
Somatic 8 344× ~5 hr 40 min to 6 hr 40 mind
Methylation 40 64× 5 hr 15 min

a. These representative run times are based on Illumina internal data. Customer run times may vary based on sample quality, analysis settings, and sample configuration.

b. Extrapolated number of samples for dual 10B flow cells based on Illumina internal data.

c. Dual 10B flow cells of same configuration started simultaneously or single 10B flow cell.

d. Run time varies from 3 hr 30 min for map and align to 7 hr 30 min for all variant callers.

Scale your studies with ease

Process high-throughput data quickly with hardware acceleration

Process high-throughput data quickly with hardware acceleration. With four field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) onboard you have the most powerful DRAGEN analysis ever, enabling you to process NovaSeq X System data easily. Perform up to four simultaneous applications per flow cell in a single run.

Reduce data footprint, manage and store data easily with lower costs and lower energy consumption, with built-in compression that reduces FASTQ file sizes by up to 80%.2

Stream data directly to Illumina Connected Analytics or BaseSpace Sequence Hub on the cloud for scalable data management, analysis, and aggregation.

Analyze data your way, with confidence

Generate exceptionally accurate results with DRAGEN analysis

DRAGEN analysis offers award-winning variant calling accuracy. Multigenome (graph) reference and Illumina machine learning in DRAGEN enable exceptional accuracy as demonstrated by the F1 score using PrecisionFDA benchmarking data.3

Access continued innovation with DRAGEN secondary analysis

Consistent expansion of offering including new pipeline, targeted callers, and improved coverage in difficult-to-map regions.

Flexibility to run DRAGEN analysis your way, either onboard, in the cloud, or on-server

Access a broader menu of applications through cloud workflows on Illumina Connected Analytics or BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

Save on analysis costs

Increase cost efficiency as you scale up your production with DRAGEN onboard the NovaSeq X Series

Reduce data storage costs with DRAGEN onboard and up to 5× lossless ORA (Original Read Archive) genomic data compression. Lossless data compression reduces data storage costs up to 80% by reducing the data footprint of FASTQ files.2 The NovaSeq X Series comes with DRAGEN hardware and software license included in the cost of the instrument.

By leveraging DRAGEN onboard secondary analysis with the NovaSeq X Series, you can save on the costs associated with using other secondary analysis solutions.*

The combined savings of DRAGEN onboard, including software license and cloud storage over 5 years, averages up to ~$1M USD for the NovaSeq X System and up to ~$1.7M USD for the NovaSeq X Plus System.4

Learn more about: DRAGEN Secondary Analysis

*Data is for illustrative purposes only, specific results may vary, contact your Illumina representative for further details. Your savings will increase with your throughput. Comparison is based on use of DRAGEN server vs DRAGEN onboard and assumes two servers for the NovaSeq X System and four servers for the NovaSeq X Plus System, in addition to annual license and cloud storage costs.

Flexible informatics workflows with Illumina Connected software

The NovaSeq X Series fully integrates with Illumina Connected software

From run planning, run management, data analysis, and data interpretation, enabling you to run sequencing your way.

Lab Management
Sequencing and Run Management

†Connected Insights available in select countries

  1. Reduction in manual touch points compared against standalone analysis solutions, lllumina internal data on file, 2023​.
  3. Illumina DRAGEN secondary analysis is the first single platform to achieve 99.83% accuracy based on 2020 PrecisionFDA v2 Truth Challenge Benchmark DataDetails here.
  4. Assuming 10,000 genomes/ year for NovaSeq X System and 20,000 WGS/ year for NovaSeq X Plus System, Illumina internal data on file, 2023.

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