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Sequencing kits

Kits enabling a range of sequencing methods for a variety of applications, sample types, and throughput needs. 

Microarray kits

Ready-to-use or custom microarray kits for genotyping and epigenetics analysis. 


A suite of sequencing and microarray scanning instruments enabling a broad range of genomics applications. 

In vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Assays and solutions that enable clinical labs to perform regulated IVD testing*. 

Software and informatics

A broad portfolio of workflow management and informatics software designed to increase lab efficiency and simplify genomic data analysis.

Clinical research

Sequencing panels, cytogenomic arrays, and more for investigating the role of genetic variation in disease and reproductive health.

Molecular biology reagents

Reagents to improve efficiency and data quality of sequencing and microarray studies, including ribosomal RNA removal kits, QC kits, buffers, enzymes, and more. 

Services and training

World-class services, training, and support delivered by expert Illumina scientists to maximize instrument performance and productivity. 

Accessory products

Microarray and sequencing accessories, including index adapters, array automation packages, hybridization chambers, and more. 

Most popular products

Sequencing reagents & flow cells

NextSeq 1000/2000 Reagents

Reagents for the NextSeq 1000/2000 System feature easy-to-use cartridges and multiple flow cell configurations for flexible sequencing options.

Sequencing reagents & flow cells

NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits

Reagent kits for the NovaSeq 6000 System consisting of ready-to-use pre-filled reagent cartridges and flow cells.

Library preparation kits

Illumina DNA Prep

A fast, integrated workflow for preparing libraries for use in a wide range of sequencing applications.

Library preparation kits

TruSight Oncology 500

Enable CGP with a large pan-cancer panel covering all major variant classes plus gene signatures (TMB, MSI, and HRD) from FFPE tissue.

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*For in vitro diagnostic use. Contact an Illumina representative for regional availability.