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Introducing Illumina Connected Analytics

Illumina Connected Analytics provides production informatics workflows at scale and enables users to:

  • Seamlessly integrate with Illumina hardware and software
  • Manage, analyze, and query massive data sets
  • Build and customize workflows

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Key features and benefits

Pipeline customization

Build, edit, and version custom pipelines and workflows using Docker, Common Workflow Language (CWL), and Nextflow. Leverage out-of-the-box DRAGEN workflows or build, edit, and version custom workflows using Docker, Common Workflow Language (CWL), and Nextflow.

Instrument integration

Combine Illumina sequencing systems with Illumina Connected Analytics and other Illumina Connected Software to support operations at any scale.

Data management

Share, access, and integrate data within the scientific community to amplify the value of individual data sets.

Advanced data science

Enable machine learning applications. Perform powerful queries on aggregated data sets at a massive scale.

Streamlined workflow

Process data automatically after a sequencing run with pre-packaged tools and DRAGEN pipelines.

Security and compliance

Protect data with HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, single sign-on, Service-Level Agreement, and GDPR.

Illumina Connected Analytics has tremendously improved our turnaround time, around 10x, which in turn, reduces the associates amount of time required per sample. We have gone from analyzing 36 samples per day to 360 samples per day.

Rohita Sinha

Director, Eurofins Viracor Center for Excellence for Bioinformatics & AI

Advances using Illumina Connected Analytics

Illumina Connected Analytics provides a powerful, integrated bioinformatics solution to support critical NGS research in oncology, genetic diseases, transplant studies, and more.

Using analytics to improve cancer research

The University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research uses Illumina Connected Analytics to help develop and automate workflows that analyze, process, and disseminate genomic data among researchers and clinicians.

Verici Dx leverages AI in Illumina Connected Analytics

Verici Dx, an immunodiagnostics company, leverages AI workflows in Illumina Connected Analytics to create RNA signatures that correlate with injury, rejection, or graft failure in kidney transplant clinical research.

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Illumina Connected Analytics offers scalable and flexible data analysis, designed to increase productivity, and the ability to collaborate globally in a secure and compliant manner. Learn more about this powerful tool.