Illumina DNA Prep Portfolio

Fast, flexible workflows providing time-saving sequencing solutions and optimized library preparation

Illumina DNA Prep technology powers the fastest and most flexible sequencing solutions for DNA in the Illumina library prep portfolio. On-bead tagmentation chemistry reduces total workflow time for whole genome and targeted enrichment workflows.

The Illumina DNA Prep product portfolio represent the latest revolution in Illumina library prep chemistry. Unique bead-linked transposome chemistry now integrates DNA extraction, fragmentation, library preparation, and library normalization steps to deliver the fastest, most flexible workflow in the Illumina library prep portfolio.

Library preparation can cause costly delays in the next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow. Illumina DNA Prep technology has paved the way for rapid workflows that reduce delays prior to sequencing.

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Illumina DNA Prep technology can be used to reduce library prep time from DNA extraction to library normalization, in applications such as:

  • Whole-genome sequencing of any species (large or small) for various applications
  • Sequencing large numbers of genomic regions of interest, including whole exomes from Illumina or third party oligo vendors
  • Sequencing of disease- or phenotype-associated targets with fixed, predesigned panels
  • Sequencing of regions or targets of interest with custom panels

Illumina DNA Prep technology supports various study requirements while delivering consistent insert sizes, uniform coverage, and optimized performance, regardless of DNA input amount or genome size. The bead-based technology minimizes bias and opportunities for error, resulting in highly reproducible sequencing data that is automation compatible.

Illumina DNA Prep Product Portfolio

Illumina DNA Prep technology is part of an integrated workflow for NGS that includes library preparation, high-quality sequencing, and simplified data analysis. On-bead tagmentation chemistry saves time and reduces hands-on touchpoints to deliver the fastest total workflow time in the Illumina library prep portfolio.

Illumina DNA Prep chemistry uses an innovative bead-transposome complex to tagment genomic DNA by fragmenting and adding adapter tag sequences in a single reaction step. After saturation with input DNA, the bead-based transposome complex fragments a set number of DNA molecules. This bead-based saturation allows the flexibility to use a wide DNA input range and delivers consistent, uniform fragment size distribution, as well as normalized libraries. Following tagmentation, a limited-cycle PCR step adds Illumina DNA Prep-specific index adapter sequences to both ends of a DNA fragment, enabling dual-indexed sequencing of pooled libraries. A subsequent bead-based cleanup step then prepares libraries for use on any Illumina sequencing platform.

Illumina DNA Prep includes all the reagents needed for generating libraries for sequencing, and magnetic sample purification beads for library cleanup steps.

Illumina DNA Prep with Enrichment includes reagents needed for library preparation and enrichment. AMPure XP beads for library cleanup steps, index adapters, and your chosen enrichment oligo panel must be purchased separately.

The following panels are compatible with Illumina DNA Prep for Enrichment:

  • TruSight One
  • TruSight One Expanded
  • TruSight Cancer
  • TruSight Hereditary Cancer
  • TruSight Cardio

The following index adapters are compatible with Illumina DNA Prep:

  • IDT for Illumina Nextera Unique Dual (UD) Indexes (10bp)
  • Nextera Combinatorial Dual (CD) Indexes (8bp)

The following index adapters are compatible with Illumina DNA Prep with Enrichment:

  • IDT for Illumina Nextera Unique Dual (UD) Indexes (10bp)
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